ALWAYSE ball transfer units

Precision ball transfer units are designed to allow transport in any direction, and their value as a structural element is proven in textile industry, processing of sheet material and container handling.

Through extensive standardization we can offer on very favorable terms, standard precision ball transfer units for most applications. For even more flexibility to move there are the glass handling castors, for both dry and wet conditions.

There are currently 146 variants of ball transfer units with the transmission capacity of 10 to 4000 Kg and ball diameters of 12.5 to 90 mm. The range includes universal versions, flange and miniature, also variants for heavy loads and other advanced technology. The precision balls are steel, stainless steel or nylon depending on application.
Benefits and features of ball bearings:

  • Low friction resistance.
  • Wide range of standard and special ball transfer units.
  • Precision balls of steel, stainless steel or nylon.
  • Standard ball diameter 12.5 mm – 90 mm.
  • Miniature ball transfer units from a diameter of 4.5 mm.
  • Hollow balls and special solutions on request.

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