Ball screw drives

The range conforms to DIN 69051 and the NEFF standard. All nuts (flanged and cylinder versions) can be supplied with the corresponding DIN connections. Pre-tensioned double-nut units achieve high positioning accuracies. Special nuts on enquiry.

All ball screw drives are available with customer-specific end machining. On request we can supply soft-annealed ends for you to carry out your own end machining.

Ball screws.

  • Precision-rolled ball screw, Ø 12 – 63 mm.
  • Lead from 5 – 50 mm, lead accuracies of 23 μm, 50 μm and 200 μm/300 mm.

Ball nuts

  • KGF-N NEFF flanged single nut.
  • KGF-D DIN flanged single nut.
  • KGM-N NEFF cylinder single nut.
  • KGM-D DIN cylinder single nut.
  • KGM-E screw-in cylinder single nut.
  • Bewerkte spindels van, Ø 6 – Ø 120 mm.

The ball nuts can also be supplied anti backlash and pretensioned in conjunction with spindles.