GÜDEL SUMER planetary gearboxes

GÜDEL SUMER planetary gearboxes are the result of years of experience. The latest techniques are used in the field of material quality, heat treatments, and precision machining of the components.
This has led to very compact, robust planetary gear. With exceptional characteristics in relation to their size on torsional stiffness, low inertia of the moving parts, availability of transmittance relationships, and lifetime in critical operating conditions.

  • Torques up to 16,000 Nm.
  • Gear ratios up to 100 000.
  • Precision of 0.5 to 16 arc minutes.
  • Implementation in four different series, LB, NR, SR and PR. Depending on the application.
  • Several standard output shafts.
  • Easy mounting on both standard and special motors.