CTV compact module with ballscrew and linear ball guiderail.

  1. Driving side with loose bearing .
  2. PU protection
  3. Ball screw with accuracy ISO 7 (ISO 5 on request).
  4. Carriage with integrated magnets.
  5. Aluminum cover.
  6. Profile of hard anodized aluminum.
  7. Two linear ball guiderails.
  8. Side with the fix bearing.
  9. Centralized lubrication system. On both sides.

These compact modules with double linear guide rails, driven by a ballscrew, ensures high capacity, high speed and high accuracy of 0.01 mm.

Carriages of different lengths, with central grease nipple, making lubrication of the two guiderails end the ballscrew  very simple.  Lubrication along the bore in the main profile is also possible.

For the drive, there are several options available: direct drive, through a planetary gearbox, angle gear or timing belt drive.

Available in size 90, 110 and 140.