MRJ with timing belt drive and roller guides.

  1. Driving side.
  2. Stainless steel protection strip.
  3. Timing belt polyurethane reinforced with steel.
  4. Carriage with integrated magnets.
  5. Profile of hard anodized aluminum.
  6. Guide rollers with gothic profile.
  7. Two hardened solid shafts.
  8. Tensioning side with integrated clamping system.
  9. Centralized lubrication system.

For speeds up to 10 m/s and standard lengths up to 6 m.

This module can be equipped with a short carriage or a long carriage. There is also the possibility to take two separated carriages for greater forces and moments.

For driving, there are several options available: direct drive,  planetary gearbox or angle gearbox.

Available size  40, 65, 80 and 110.