MTJZ omega module with timing belt drive and linear ball guiderail.

  1. Tensioning side with integrated clamping system.
  2. Timing belt polyurethane reinforced with steel.
  3. Profile of hard anodized aluminum.
  4. Linear ball guiderail.
  5. Driving part, with timing belt drive pulley, flange for drive mounting, and magnets for position verification.
  6. Tensioning side with integrated clamping system.
  7. Centralized lubrication system.

These omega modules are typically used in multi-axis manipulators as the vertical axis.

Due to the reinforced polyurethane toothed belt under pretension, in combination with the play-free belt drive, high position accuracies are ensured, as well as low wear and low-noise operation at speeds of up to 6 m/s.

For driving, there are several options available: direct drive,  planetary gearbox or angle gearbox.

Available size  40, 65 and 80.