MTV with ball screw and linear ball guiderail.

  1. Driving side.
  2. Stainless steel protection strip.
  3. Ball screw with accuracy ISO 7 (ISO 5 on request).
  4. Carriage with integrated magnets.
  5. Profile of hard anodized aluminum.
  6. Linear ball guiderail.
  7. Side with the fix bearing.
  8. Centralized lubrication system.

Linear module with very high positioning accuracy and repeatability to 0.01 mm.

Standard lengths up to 2.5 m, greater lengths on request.

Ball screws with different pitch, tailored to your application.

The ball guiderail offers the ability of taking large loads.

For the drive, there are several options available: direct drive, through a planetary gearbox, angle gear or timing belt drive.

Available in size 65 and 80.