Ringspann precision clamping fixtures

RINGSPANN has been developing and manufacturing Precision Clamping Fixtures for work-holding applications for over 65 years. Over the past decades we have realized thousands of applications and numerous technically sophisti­cated solutions.

The basis of the RINGSPANN system is the RINGSPANN Clamping Disc, a flat-tapered ring made of special hardened spring steel. The characteristic slotting provides for especially high elasticity.

RINGSPANN specialized in clamping and centering on cylindrical internal and external surfaces. Typical components include automobile, gear and aircraft components.

We have developed the RINGSPANN system on the basis of the RINGSPANN Clamping Disc, which encompasses:

Complete clamping fixtures, ready-to-use.

Clamping elements and components for customer assembled clamping fixtures.

Clamping principles for custom clamping fixtures.

The RINGSPANN system offers the right solution for each clamping application and guarantees maximum clamping precision without the need for complicated alignment. This enables customers to achieve difficult objectives, such as clamping in short lengths or clamping thin-walled components that are susceptible to deformation.