Process equipment


TAS is the supplier of technical equipment in process engineering. The range of these devices are very diverse. What was once started as a burner supplier has now grown into a range of heat exchangers, ejectors and vacuum process equipment, stirrers, dispersants, level indicators and level alarms.


In these modern times where energy is only scarce and expensive, heat exchangers become necessary appliances for energy saving measures.

TAS has been working with reputable suppliers in the design and manufacturing of high quality heat exchangers. These are among others used in machine building, food industry, HVAC, industrial refrigeration, chemical and petrochemical industries.

Our sales engineers have the most up to date calculation software, allowing them through choice / combination of different building types to select the most economical and optimal heat exchanger(s).


Since 1871 KÖRTING builds jet pumps. Their expertise ensures tailored solutions ranging from a basic concept of individual components to complete turnkey process plants. Through their years of experience and continuous research and development they are world leaders in the field of jet pumps and vacüumtechniek. Our sales engineers at TAS help you in the selection and calculation of the required jet pumps / vacüuminstallaties in order to achieve the most economical solutions.


Liquid ring vacuum pumps – one or two stages for evacuation of gas and/or steam. With partial or complete recirculation of the service liquid. Pressures from 1013 mbar to 33 mbar


For more than 90 years IGEMA level indicators and regulators / limiters are worldwide used in boilers and tanks because of their quality and reliability. The devices are conform to the pressure directive 2014/68 EC and are designed according to current standards for boilers (TRD, AD-2000, ASME Boiler etc ..).


VALSTEAM ADCA was founded in 1983 and  produce steam traps, control valves, pressure reducing valves and complete custom made skids.


AGITASER mixing, stirring and dispersing systems are used in the food and chemical industries as well as in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. We offer in addition to standard products also customized solutions. Capacities ranging from 0.12 kW to 200 kW and speeds of 0,27 to 3,000 RPM are our basic program


HANS HENNIG is well known in industrial combustion technology for over 40 years.

We can provide a complete solution tailored around your combustion plant.


Siekerkotte has been successfully dealing with electric heating solutions for more than 25 years. The company has continuously developed its product range over the past years and now ranks among the technologically leading quality manufacturers for industrial electrical heat technology.

Whether air heaters for the process and drying industry, oil and water heaters for mechanical and plant engineering or complete system solutions including adjustable thyristor control : in cooperation with its customers, Siekerkotte develops individual heating solutions up to the mega wattage range, optimized according to the process requirements and medium.

Areas of application:

Electric heaters are used in many type of industrial processes to ensure the direct heating of liquid or gas. They are a powerful alternative to tubular exchangers or plate heat exchangers in applications such as heaters for fuel, vegetable oil, hydraulic oil, water, steam, thermal fluid, air or gas.