Robust, energy-saving and environmentally friendly – all characteristics of our high quality burners.

The performance of our burners is obtained by the high pre-heating of the combustion air to 550 ° C.

Through our years of experience and continuous development we can guarantee optimum use of energy resources.

The strategy of HANS HENNIG: ALL IN ONE HAND. We deliver your combustion system as a complete unit, or the different components.

An overview of our product range:

High speed burner HG
Side burner HG-S
Flat flame burner HG-F
Regenerative burners
Conical burners
Flaring burners
Gas jet lance burners JG
Air heating burners LG
Monoblock burners CKM
Duoblok burners CK

HANS HENNIG offers a solution for all applications: melting, air heating, thermal post-combustion, the heating of refractory materials etc.