Körting Ejectors can be utilised in numerous application fields. Each ejector is designed thereby individually for its application field and adjusted optimally to its respective utilisation. For the design, construction and manufacturing Körting resorts to its comprehensive and decades-long experiences gained in the application of ejectors in the most diverse of processes.

The term „jet ejector“ describes a device in which a pumping effect is achieved using a motive fluid. A jet ejector requires no mechanical drive and has no moving parts. This basic principle applies to every jet ejector in different models and ranges of application. The application determines the design of the flow section. As motive fluid we can use liquids, gas or steam to create vacuum, to compress gases, to convey liquids, to transport granular solids, to mix liquids or gases.

Maintenance is kept to a minimum, they are robust, reliable, relatively insensitive to dirt, always ready for use, and self-priming and therefore especially suitable for all operating conditions. Further advantages of ejectors are their simple installation, low investment costs and the use of materials which are resistant to corrosion and erosion.