Liquid jet ejectors

Liquid jet ejectors are used as : ventilators, vacuum ejectors, liquid- and solid ejectors.

Liquid jet ventilators using a liquid as motive medium suck off large gas volume flows. This is possible because only slight pressure differences must be overcome. Simultaneously dust, deposits and vapors can be washed out of the suction flow.

Chemical industry : to wash out dust deposits and vapors.

Sugar industry : to heat up washing water, to rinse out dust from sugar beet chips.

General : as component parts of plants for dedusting, absorption and gas cooling with jet scrubbers and venturi scrubbers

Liquid jet vacuum ejectors suck off gases and/or vapors from a process. The lowest possible suction pressure in the reactor is only limited by the vapor pressure of the motive liquid. It is possible to compress to atmospheric or even higher pressure.

Shipbuilding : evacuation of suction pipelines of non-self-priming centrifugal pumps

Sea-water evaporators :generation of the necessary vacuum

Dredgers : de-gassing of the dredged materials (removal of natural gas)

Power plants : evacuation of turbine condensers

Chemical industry : evacuation of condensers and removal of air-/product vapor mixes in vacuum processes.

Liquid jet liquid ejector. A liquid motive medium is used to suck off another liquid and to convey it to a higher pressure. High turbulence achieves a homogeneous intermixture of both flows. Classical application in the shipbuilding industry (bilge of ballast tanks)

Ship-building : pumping and cargo out bilges, chain lockers, holds ballast tanks

Water treatment : dilution of lyes and acids

Foodstuffs- and chemical industry : pumping and mixing of diverse liquids

Synthetic fertilizer plants (UREA plants) : pumping “carbamate”-solution back to the Urea-reactor

Hydroelectric power stations : emergency drainage of pump pits

Sea-water evaporators : conveying concentrated sea-water

Liquid jet solids ejector. A liquid motive medium is used to convey solids. The solids are either introduced via a funnel or they can also be sucked in. A carrier medium e.g. water or air is mixed in to improve the delivery effect.

Water treatment : conveying filter materials such as activated carbon, gravel, exchange resins ; conveying lignite dust in activated sludge.

Ship-building : pumping water/solids mixtures out of the deep ; laying of marine cables ; conveying ash/air mixtures from incineration systems on passenger ships.