Corrugated tube heat exchangers

Brand: XLG

Monotubes-Multitube-Tripletubes XTube® CTHE’s are designed and fabricated to suit sanitary and non- sanitary applications.

Xtube® Corrugated Tubes increase the turbulence in the flow thus enabling a more effective mixing and agitation that generates a higher heat transfer coefficient than smooth tubes at the same conditions. Higher U-values means a smaller heat exchanger.

Furthermore, corrugation carries a “self-cleaning” effect that reduces fouling on the tube surface. Less fouling means smaller heat exchanger and longer production cycles.

XLG range of XTube® Corrugated Tube Heat Exchanger if formed by three families of models.

  • Mono-tube: Mono-tube geometry that is formed by tube-in-tube models.
  • Triple tube: Triple-tube geometry formed by 3 or 4 tubes to form an annular space.
  • Multi-tube: Multi-tube geometry with a tube bundle inside a shell.