Welded plate heat exchangers in Plate & shell design

A compact and efficient plate heat exchanger combined with a pressure and temperature resistant shell.

This  plate heat exchangers offer high heat transfer rates in a very compact design combined with a high leakage protection and high resistance to severe operating conditions.

 This laser-welded plate heat exchangers in the Plate & Shell – design. are used in common liquid-liquid applications but are also well suited for use as evaporators or condensers, even at high pressures or in vacuum

This heat exchangers consist of two independent pressure rooms:
→ at plate side made of a pack of round corrugated plates which are alternately welded together on the circumference or on the two openings in the plates.
→ at shell side made of a cylindrical shell either fully welded, openable at one side or openable at both sides. 

Technical key data (depending on design)
Operating Pressure:                      -1 to 150 bar(g)
Operating Temperature:             -200 to 500°C
Dynamic Viscosity:                         up to 8.000 mPa s