Textile finishing

Sustainable and cost-efficient

Körting caustic recovery plants ensure sustainability in the mercerisation process. Large quantities of weak lye are produced when the mercerisation process finishes cotton fabrics. Virtually all of this weak lye can be recovered by Körting plants and reused. Furthermore, this doesn’t just protect the environment. Huge reductions in costs are also achieved. Savings of one million euros annually and more are easily possible (depending on the size of the plant). The return on investment of Körting caustic recovery plants is usually just a few months to one year at the most. After realising their return on investment, Körting technology allows plant operators to cut operating costs during mercerisation permanently.

Körting caustic recovery plants aren’t just limited to white, bleached fabrics but can also be used on yarn-dyed and denim fabrics.

Textile finishing

The advantages at a glance

  • Huge potential for savings and a quick return on investment
  • A sustainable and earth-friendly mercerisation process
  • Virtually full recovery of the caustic soda produced
  • High energy efficiency
  • Long-standing experience: over 200 Körting plants installed worldwide since 1956

Körting textile finishing products

  • Caustic recovery plants