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Shell & tube heat exchangers

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Shell & Tube heat exchangers

The program of Shell & tubes are very big at TAS. We go from standard products to custom made solutions.
Together with the heat exchanger, we deliver the needed documentation by PED or ASME.

Corrugeerde buizenwarmtewisselaars

Monotubes -Multitube-Triple Tubes XTube® corrugeted tube heat exchangers are designed and fabricated to suit sanitary and non- sanitary applications.

Xtube® Corrugated Tubes increase the turbulence in the flow thus enabling a more effective mixing and agitation that generates a higher heat transfer coefficient than smooth tubes at the same conditions. Higher U-values means a smaller heat exchanger.

Furthermore, corrugation carries a “self-cleaning” effect that reduces fouling on the tube surface. Less fouling means smaller heat exchanger and longer production cycles.

Finned tube warmtewisselaars

Finned tubes provide an economical solution for the transfer of heat between gasses and liquid or steam.

Our range of products encompasses finned tubes in a range of different designs.

A large number of material combinations for fins and tubes make it possible to meet the various requirements in the field.

Applications: exhaust gas coolers / economisers / air heaters, – coolers / steam heating registers

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