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The right products for process technology and drive engineering. Guarantee continuity of installations and machines. Consultation for production and machine optimisation. Translate your needs into custom solutions. Totally TAS. Our engineers make the difference with their technical expertise and speed of action. To create lasting relationships with our customers, constructors and industrial companies. How can we help you?

Specialisation in niche processes and drive engineering

TAS is not a general store. We specialise in particular niches, and that’s where our strength lies. We know everything about the products we sell, in detail. We’re an independent distributor of leading European brands for process technology and drive components. Short delivery times, the right components, first-rate support, excellent customer service, fulfilled promises – that’s what we’re all about. We guarantee you high-quality products with a long life span, and ecologically optimised solutions, all within budget. In short: everything you’re looking for.

Service and support

We can also repair, convert and upgrade old installations. Some of the installations at the Port of Antwerp are a good example of this. They’ve been there for 60 years already, and are still up and running perfectly. Every component we’ve ever supplied is still in our database. Talk about long-term relationships. We also have the calculation tools provided by most manufacturers. So we can work everything out very quickly, and act fast.

Are you struggling with an unexpected and unwelcome issue? We have a large stock of drive engineering components.

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