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Mixing nozzles

Körting liquid jet mixing nozzles are the main components of special tank mixing systems which can be applied for continuous as well as discontinuous mixing duties. They can be used as complete replacement for mechanical agitators and in many cases surpass their mixing results.

Working principle

A liquid flow is taken from the tank and supplied to the liquid jet mixing nozzles via a motive pump. Inside the motive nozzle pressure energy is converted to kinetic energy. Negative pressure is generated at the suction connection of the motive nozzle thereby sucking in liquid from the immediate vicinity. The suction flow is vigorously intermixed with the motive flow in the adjoining mixing passage and accelerated by impulse exchange. The drag effect of the exiting mixed flow strengthens the mixing effect.

Advantages of Körting mixing nozzles

  • Complete mixing of the tank content
  • Low investment costs
  • Wear-resistant, long service life – no moving parts inside the tank
  • No sealing problems – no shaft ducts
  • No dead zones
  • No maintenance in the tank
  • Low energy input

Fields of application

  • Mixing storage tanks, fuel oil tanks, waste water treatment tanks, neutralization tanks, • reactors, food storage tanks, storm water tanks and others
  • Complete homogenization of different liquids
  • Preventing settlements and sedimentation
  • Avoiding the formation of different temperature layers
  • As discharge support
  • Ejectors in SBR-Plants operated with compressed air

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

To determine the optimum configuration of our tank mixing systems we perform Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) based on the current specific frame conditions. These analyses enable us to define the exact performance data as well as the best possible installation position to avoid any dead zones inside the tank. By using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Körting Hannover AG is able to deliver perfect designed tank mixing system, to decrease the energy input and to deliver clear installation instructions which enable a quick startup of the system.

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