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Special heat exchangers

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Oil-air coolers

With a wide range of standard units now most of the applications in the field of oil/air cooling units can be met.

Shell & Plate heat exchangers

This plate heat exchangers offer high heat transfer rates in a very compact design combined with a high leakage protection and high resistance to severe operating conditions.

This laser-welded plate heat exchangers in the Plate & Shell – design. are used in common liquid-liquid applications but are also well suited for use as evaporators or condensers, even at high pressures or in vacuum

Spiral heat exchangers

Energy cost leads companies to look for heat exchangers integrated in their processes, that offers operation reliability with maximum heat recovery and reduced maintenance costs. Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger have become, over the years, the best alternative to the traditional shell & tube. With robust and versatile design, high heat transfer efficiency and small footprint, they can bring huge energy cost savings. Their installation costs are minimal and the maintenance stops are significantly reduced. These heat exchangers can be easily cleaned by opening the covers, giving total access to the whole heat transfer area.

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