Process equipment / Steam equipment

Steam equipment

Besides level gauges, alarms and limiters, TAS also has steam equipment in their program.

This program contains:

  • Steam traps
  • Control valves
  • Pressure reducing valves
  • Pipeline acillaries (filters, sight glaces, air eliminators )
  • special equipment ( warm water skids, condensate pumps, separators)
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Steam traps

One of the equipment’s most often neglected in a steam installation is the steam trap. This happens because in most cases it fails open and, although leading to extra costs, the process is not interrupted. In some cases the lack of efficiency is due to improper application, often triggered by forced selection of a certain model, for economic reasons, bad advice or even limitation within the selected brand.

An efficient steam trap defines the frontier between steam and condensed liquid and allows, if selected wisely, the proper functioning of the installation and better energy management. Valsteam Adca provides a complete range of steam traps using different materials, from DN15 to DN 150, designed for pressure up to 80 bar and flow rates of over 100,000 Kgs/h.

Control valves

ADCATROL valves offer a wide range of solutions for controlling temperature, level, pressure and humidity.

All ADCATROL valves can be supplied with electric or pneumatic actuators, including positioners, transmitters, switches and all kinds of options..

Pressure reducing valves

Pressure reducing valves are essential components for the majority of fluid distribution systems. Valsteam Adca provides you with a wide range of options, varying from the simplest direct action valve to the more sophisticated pilot operated valve, in different types of construction. In our warehouse, we have the necessary material to quickly manufacture a soft or hard seating by adding cobalt alloys and others.

Our flexibility allows us to manufacture numerous tailored-made items. The range of choice is wide and in some cases we can provide several solutions to the same situation. We are also always available to research and propose a more effective solution. There are two different options. The reducing valves can be operated directly are controlled on distance.

Pipeline acillaries

In order to guarantee the efficiency of a distribution system and fluid control, several accessories are required but often neglected.

Valsteam Adca produces filters, sight glasses, vacuum breakers, drip traps for compressed air systems, air eliminators and several other ancillary items which are vital to the functioning of your installation.

Special Equipment

This group of items is perhaps the most atypical. It consists of different equipment and, in most cases, specially developed to process industries.

Adcamat pumps / Humidity separators / Sample coolers / Steam injectors / Adcamix steam to water mixers / Flash vessels and blowdown vessels / Direct steam injection humidifiers / Heat exchangers Adcatherm / Exhaust heads.

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