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Water aeration systems

Ideal for plants with highly polluted waste water

In its construction form the ejector for the aeration process corresponds to that of a jet ejector. Because organically polluted wastewater requires a high amount of oxygen and also because of the increasing height of modern biological waste water cleaning plants it is energetically more efficient to pre-compress the air mechanically to the hydrostatic pressure prevailing at the installation point of the ejector and to supply it so to the suction connection.

advantages of Körting ejectors:

  • maintenance-free - no moving elements

  • high oxygen efficiency - Fine bubbles create large contact surfaces between air and water and high turbulence renews these contact surfaces.

  • no deposits - The intensive jet flow directed towards the tank floor prevents deposits of biomass.

  • straightforward control of oxygen supply

  • non-clogging construction - The nozzle diameter defines the narrowest flow cross-section.

  • no sealing problems - When the plant is inactive, water can enter the air pipeline without negative effects and when re-started, the ejector’s entraining effect expels any liquid in the pipe.

  • design acc. to requirements - Various sizes can be designed and adapted to requirements.

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Product variations

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Door de tankwand

Ofwel bevindt de aandrijving zich buiten de waterbeluchtingstank en stuwt die via een straalpomp door de tankwand de mix van water en lucht naar binnen.

Welke toepassingen?

Deze oplossing is minder efficiënt, maar kan water met partikels tot 50 mm aan. De straalpomp heeft immers een veel grotere diameter. Veelal gebruikt voor pulp and papier.

Via straalpompen in tank

Ofwel wordt het systeem in de tank geïnstalleerd. Daar stuwt het systeem via meerdere straalpompen de mix van water en lucht naar beneden.

Welke toepassingen?

Alle toepassingen met water dat partikels tot 20-25 mm diameter bevat.

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